Powdery orris is bliss on skin, while gentle rose dances in soft rain. Delicate violets glisten like new discoveres in the quiet, cool whisper of Paris.  Envie Desoir was a...

Every journey begins with a single step, and so it would also be the case here. I’ve always loved perfume — the process, the stories, the scents. I’ve gone to seminars, read articles and books about the history and the mythology of the industry. But how did the whole thing really start?

Rose de Mai is voluptuously sweet and sensuous. Used throughout history for its lovely scent, Rose oil – the quintessential oil of love – encourages a feeling of happiness and contentment and is esteemed for being a classical "heart opener."

Hollywoodland is my take on a classic patchouli fragrance. I was never a fan of patchouli until I blended this fragrance — too often for me the note was too strong, too heady. I wasn’t a fan of the old-fashioned feel that so often made it overwhelming. While experimenting with different ingredients and blends, I came across this particular patchouli, and was reminded of the dustiness of the Hollywood Hills.

Perfume has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember; I’ve always been fascinated by the history and process of the industry. I've visited gardens and perfumeries around the world, and it was on a trip to Capri and the South of France where this particular dream really began. As a child I was wildly infatuated with stories of magic and mystery -- and I do believe perfume is as close to that world as we can get to today.